About a tree in a bathroom

About a tree in a bathroom
Wood furnish is often used in modern interiors. Agree, the decor topped with a natural structure of a natural tree, looks very comfortably and presentably. Certain especially courageous designers use a tree even for bathroom equipment furnish.

Yes, wood baths – already long since not news, but will at present go speech about the bathroom equipment made of other, more usual materials. All highlight consists specifically in a decor. The Bleu Nature company made own option About a tree in a bathroom
of similar fascinating design. For example, the bath topped with tiny pieces of a tree, laid out as a mosaic, looks non-trivially, but together with that it is very nice.

Not including that, the company suggests to issue in the same style and other devices, for creation of one type of a room. On a photo you can behold the chandelier trimmed with a tree.

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