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his book has been enriched immeasurably by the contributions of professional architects, contractors, and engineers throughout the country. The first edition was reviewed in its entirety by the following architects and builders: Edward Allen, South Natick, MA; Judith Capen, Washington, DC; Steve Kearns, Ketchum, ID; Scott McBride, Sperryville, VA; Jud Peake, Oakland,

CA; Dan Rockhill, LeCompton, KS; Joel Schwartz, Princeton, NJ; Stephen Suddarth, Miami Beach,

FL; Blaine Young, Santa Fe, NM.

In addition, portions of the second edition were reviewed by: Edward Allen, South Natick, MA; John Carmody, Minneapolis, MN; Walter Grondzik, Talla­hassee, FL; Christine Theodoropolous, Eugene, OR.

This third edition was reviewed in part by the following: Edward Allen, FAIA, South Natick, MA; Chris Anderson, Contractor, Eugene, OR; Chris Brandt, P. E., Weyerhauser/iLevel; Donald Corner, Professor, University of Oregon; Tom McClain,

P. E., Simpson Strong-Tie; James McDonald, Contractor, Eugene, OR; Hal Pfeifer, P. E., Eugene, OR; Joe Johnson, Architect, Portland, OR.

The participation of all these reviewers has made the book significantly more comprehensive and the process of writing it more enjoyable.

It has been almost 20 years since the first edition was originally conceived. My gratitude to those who helped to formulate and develop that first effort persists because the importance of their contribution has only increased with the passing of time:

Paul Bertorelli, for helping to define the scope of the book and the method of producing it; Joanne Bouknight, for patient and skillful editing with just the right touch of humor; David Edrington, my architectural partner, for his patience and understanding; Dee Etwiler, my wife, for her research assistance, her loving support, and her patience; Lloyd Kahn, for inspiration and support for this project long before it was realized; Chuck Miller, for listening to my ideas and suggesting the project to the publishers in the first place; Don Peting, for valuable assistance in articulating my thoughts about structural relationships in early chapters; Scott Wolf, for insightful assistance with the format and for putting as much energy into rendering the original drawings as humanly possible.

And for the second edition, I remain grateful to: Steve Culpepper, for his unwavering belief in the importance of the Graphic Guide series and his deft facilitation of the second edition; Jennifer Renjilian Morris, my editor, for gracious management and astute tuning of the writing; David McClean, my assistant, for helpful suggestions about and multiple drafts of most of the new drawings; Anthony Baron, for skillful rendering of the new drawings in the style of the originals.

The production of this third edition has benefited greatly from the existence of the first two editions as well as from the digital revolution. Whereas for previous editions I have thanked long lists of people who contributed in numerous invaluable ways, this time around the work that did not fall to me directly was very graciously and efficiently managed at the publishers. For this I thank Peter Chapman, Senior Editor, and assistant editor, Courtney Jordan. Peter, of course, was also responsible for working with me to define the scope and focus of this edition, a task for which I am very grateful. Lastly, I need to thank my colleagues and especially my family for enduring unpredictable behavior and schedules on my part during the development of this volume.