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Main types of restoration of baths

Repair in a bathroom is difficult mnogoetapny process which comprises the most different recovery operations concerning walls, ceilings, floor and natural most bathing for bathing. Certainly, it is possible to get the latest such bathroom, but now in the main read more

Now and meter 30 …

At the end of last year the recognizable European producer of the sanitary equipment presented on Russian market a novelty – an iron bath longish 1м 30см. It is clear that all baths «Estap» (Slovakia), which length before release of a novelty was various read more

Mold in a bathroom

The suitable ecology of the environment of housing of the person is formed by an abundance of the reasons. One of the negative phenomena worsening a condition of life, quite often appearing mold in a bathroom is. Plesnevye mushrooms consist of a mycelium read more

Spain-Russia: new creation

Zabugornye the companies all open branches of own plants in the Russian Federation more often, than provide inflow of investments to economy of our country and give new workplaces. And those from us whom it does not concern outright, can wait for drop in read more

Brand new bath: elegantly and especially

Owners of standard apartments are quite often obliged to be reconciled with the malekhanky area of a bathroom and to enjoy not that bathroom equipment which is pleasant, and that which got. Nevertheless, if to you has luck, and you live in a spacious flat read more

Bathe in a bath in pleasure!

Anything so does not help to relax and will be filled with energy how to lie down in a warm vodichka and if to it to add besides massage function, probably it will be possible to like confidence that life was successful. Here therefore such hydromassage read more

Wood baths.

In almost all modern interiors designers aspire to satisfy needs of the person for aspiration to natural motives, from it there are noteworthy and unique decisions in design formation. To one of such decisions - was creation of wood baths, a tree read more

Pig-iron baths

Certainly, one of most, favourite on the former Soviet Union were and there are pig-iron baths. And matter is not that this bathroom equipment of our youth, and we feel with it more comfortable, matter in a practicality and convenience of this production read more

We establish a border over a bathroom

Everyday occurrence, when a bath not вмонолечина in wall furnish. The decision - installation of a border, a plinth or a tape on edge. The main problem of an ukrepitelny element - to exclude course. That border, vobshchy, can do and support functions of read more